Jessica Simpson Signs $4 Million Contract to Lose Weight

Jessica Simpson has signed a contract of approximately four million dollars with the company, Weight Watchers, to lose weight after gaining 25 kilos because of her pregnancy. In spite of the criticism she received for the weight gain during pregnancy, the artist takes this situation to gain a few million dollars and lose all those extra kilos, in addition to selling the first pictures of her child, Drew Maxwell.

The challenge was for Jessica to return to her original weight, which was 50 kilos, with a good diet and exercise. “This is not an easy task,”  the singer said several times during the “Newlyweds” reality show, as she does not like to exercise. In this regard, all looks great for the actress, contracts worth millions to lose weight, thousands more to show her little Maxwell, as well as her clothing line for pregnant women.

Jessica Simspon Gives Birth to First Child

Jessica Simpson gave birth to her first child on Tuesday in Los Angeles. “Eric and I are excited to announce the birth of our daughter,” said the actress in a text message that she inserted in her website. Simpson adds, “This is the greatest experience of our lives. We appreciate all your love and prayers.”

The actress, who held frequent reports of her pregnancy in her website, said the baby weighed just over three kilos and was born in a hospital in Los Angeles. Simpson, 31, and Johnson, 32, will have to postpone their wedding and just concentrate more with the baby.

The actress who starred in the movie, “The Dukes of Hazzard” which is based on a successful television series, originated in Texas. Simpson had been previously married to Nick Lachey, from 2002 to 2005. Between 2007 and 2009, she was the girlfriend of star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo.

Jessica Simpson’s Different Hairstyles

Wavy Long Hairstyle

This was a soft, sexy look for Jessica Simpson as she launched her new fragrance, Fancy. Her golden locks are:

Suitable for:
Face shapes: oval, round, heart, triangular
Hair texture: thin, medium
Hair density: medium, dense

Maintenance: high
Time: 30+ mins
Techniques: blow dry, hot rollers
Products: mousse, wax, smoothing shine, hair spray




To style:

  • Apply mousse
  • Part the middle
  • Use a large radial brush
  • Use a blow dryer to kick out the back
  • Use a blow dryer to kick out the sides
  • Blow dry your bangs forward to the left
  • Blow dry the crown
  • Use large hot rollers
  • Apply rollers through the back
  • Apply rollers through the side
  • Apply rollers through the top
  • Piece the ends using wax
  • Lift your roots using wax
  • Apply smoothing shine
  • Apply lacquer