Bieber on Police Radar After Neighbors’ Complain

Justin Bieber is one wild child. His behavior has been pretty consistent with the bad boy image he has been projecting recently. He is regularly making it to the top news, not only because of a phenomenal performance but also because of the trouble he has been getting into when the cameras are not around.

Most recently, Justin Bieber had a visit from the California local police when his neighbors in the state complained of loud music and partying until the wee hours of the night. It was reported that the local police went back to the party’s venue thrice to reprimand the singer of the disturbance. The loud party ended with a misdemeanor case filed against Bieber.

This is not the first time that the singer got face to face with law enforcement. In the same neighborhood, the singer also had complaints against him over the speed at which he drove around his exclusive village. Another neighbor was allegedly spit on by Bieber in one of their heated arguments. Clearly, the singer has not been one of the favorite stars in that community after the series of reported incidents.

Outside of California, Bieber did not fail to attract the police’s attention as he was waving (possibly burning) the Argentinian flag on the stage flood where he was performing. However, the young singer has already issued an apology and explanation for this act, claiming that he was not aware that it was a national flag he was playing with. However, big news from Argentina did not simply end with the flag, as it was revealed that Bieber also hired a sex star while touring Brazil, and was even caught visiting other brothels in the country. As if this was not enough, the star also sprayed graffiti paint in one of the hotel’s walls. No formal charges were filed against this act, yet.

Last year, Bieber’s name first invaded legal courts when a certain 17-year old girl claimed to be pregnant of Justin’s child. This case has been dismissed, already.

Katy Perry, Considered “Indecent” in India


American singer, Katy Perry, is considered “indecent” after dancing provocatively in the opening of the Premier League in India.

The performance surprised the lawyer, K. Perry Jebakumar, who supported the provisions in the Penal Code of India, lodged a complaint against the show and considered it “lewd and lascivious”. The report was published by the British newspaper, The Sun.

With this, Katy Perry would be forced to appear before the Court of that country. Katy Perry, and other musical exponents like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga top the list of young people under 30, who are the best paid in the industry .

Taylor Swift Tops List of Highest Paid Young Artists


Talented musicians like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, top the list of  the best paid in entertainment industry, who are under the age of 30.

According to the Forbes magazine, the list took into account the sales of albums and concerts, movies, profit sharing, promotion and publicity work. The magazine also interviewed experts in the entertainment world, as well as representatives and agents.

The 22-year-old Taylor Swift is a country pop, who in just a year, raised $57 million. In second place is Justin Bieber, who at age 18, raised 55 million dollars. The next position is occupied by Rihanna, with 53 million accumulated.

Lady Gaga, who announced this week that she will have her own social network, grabs the fourth place with $52 million. The fifth slot goes to Katy Perry, who in the past months has raised $45 million.

The list continues with Adele ($35 million), Kristen Stewart ($34.5 million), Lil Wayne ($27 million), Taylor Lautner ($26.5 million) and Robert Pattinson ($26.5 million).

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Enjoyed a Holiday in Japan



Selena Gomez posted a picture on Facebook, where she appears grinning next to Justin Bieber in Japan. The photo made it clear that the teenage couple is happier than ever.

According to sources, the couple chose Japan to spend a few days off. And while both artists travel around the world with their successful musical careers, they do not want to miss the opportunity to visit Eastern countries.

“Hello Japan! I love you!” was the text accompanying the photo posted by Selena.

In addition, the Canadian magazine “We Love Pop” showed a statement in which Justin reveals what really makes Selena so well that he is so happy and in love. “She (Selena) can cook very well. Even a few potatoes and cheese, she makes it wonderful,” said Bieber.




Justin Bieber Feared for His Life


Justin Bieber says he feared for his life last Friday, when he was pursued by photographers at a Los Angeles freeway. And so, it let him send an official complaint and submitted it to the LA police.

“The guy (photographer) was a maniac on the road and put several lives in danger,” said Bieber in the complaint. The singer’s statement also includes an explanation of his behavior on the day of persecution. The police officer receiving the complaint said that Justin began to flee patrols precisely because just before he was “in danger” by the photographer’s harassment.

“He was a very aggressive, much more than what other photographers are usually the environment,” said the artist.

Justin Bieber Received a Traffic Citation From Avoiding Paparazzi


Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, received a traffic citation for driving at 160 km/hour on a highway between Los Angeles and Santa Monica, with the intention to fool the paparazzi, said Friday by the traffic police.

The 18-year-old star “received a citation for driving with excess speed” on Highway 101, said Vince Ramirez, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol. Ramirez felt that the young man traveled at 160 km/h when the speed limit fluctuated between 90 and 120 km/h.

The photos published by TMZ shows the car of teen idol that was stopped and flanked by traffic police. According to TMZ, Bieber tried to fool the paparazzi who were following in another car that led to excessive speed.

“Bieber was going like crazy,” Dennis Zine, a city councilman who witnessed the incident, told the magazine. “If I had been on patrol, he (Bieber) would have been arrested for reckless driving. I was going 95 km/hour and I went to side like a rocket. He was crazy,” he said.

Zine said the paparazzi handled irresponsibly by the shoulder. At least four photographers around the vehicle appeared and Bieber just stopped. A spokesman for the singer declined to comment.

Lohan Sparked Trouble on Bieber’s Fans


Lindsay Lohan sparked the trouble on the fans of teen idol, Justin Bieber, and sent a message to Canada via Twitter, which attached a photo.

Lohan has been in recent times, in the eye of the hurricane, and this time was no exception. She wrote on the account of Bieber, saying, “Is this it?” referring to the image with Bieber citing, “I like pretty girls. But I like girls who can fight and play a bit too.”

Consequently, the followers of Justin did not hesitate to unleash their anger against Lohan. For his part, Justin Bieber has not responded to the question of Lindsay Lohan.

Justin Bieber Graduated From High School in Canada


Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, earned a high school diploma after graduating from a Catholic institution in Stratford (Ontario, East Central), his hometown.

Tim Doherty, director of St. Michael Catholic School in Stratford, said the 18-year-old singer, ​​”fulfilled all the conditions for obtaining high school diploma in the province of Ontario.” In an e-mail, Doherty refused to disclose details of the education of Justin Bieber and only said the teen heartthrob was absent from the graduation ceremony held last Thursday, June 28.

Bieber shot to fame in 2009 after publishing several home videos on YouTube, and in March 2011, he set the record for most number of visitors in the web platform with his music video, “Baby”. As of Tuesday, the video had more than 750 million hits.

Justin Bieber Refuses to Take Pictures with Fans in Toronto


Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, refused to sign autographs and take pictures with dozens of fans who followed him, while waiting for his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, at the airport in Toronto.

Witnesses said that his girl fans felt a great disappointment to see the attitude of their idol. As for his personal safety, Bieber tried to persuade his followers to stop harassing him. But at the insistence of the girls, Bieber tried to keep them away.

“You are not being respectful. I’m here waiting for my girlfriend, right? If you are really my fans, why do you do this?” said the teen singer as he loses patience with his followers.

After reiterating, “I have to be nice with you, but you are practically in my face.” Bieber calmed down minutes later and agreed to take some snapshots with fans.

Katy Perry Passed Out at Justin Bieber’s Party


Katy Perry attended a party hosted by Justin Bieber at the weekend, however, the artist passed out. The singer attended the party in the Cirque Du Soir nightclub in the British capital.

“Katy was very excited to celebrate the night with Justin. They had a great time chatting and catching up, even though she was holding some vodka cocktails and kept drinking a lot more bottles. About five in the afternoon, she had difficulty walking,” said a source.

At the party, Perry enjoyed the company of her partner, Rob Ackroyd, and other famous guests. However, too much vodka eventually played a trick. The singer suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground, which shocked everyone.

“It took a couple of people to lift her, but all tried to help,” added the source. The singer had difficulty accessing the vehicle that took her back to her hotel.

J.Lo is the World’s Most Powerful Celebrity According to Forbes

Jennifer Lopez dethroned Lady Gaga as the world’s most powerful celebrity, according to a list released by Forbes magazine. U.S. television queen, Oprah Winfrey, ranks second from the “On the Floor” singer. Jennifer Lopez has been catapulted from the No. 50 last year, to head the ranking of the 100 most influential stars of film, television, music and sports.

JLo, who last summer broke Marc Anthony, has amassed over the last year, a profit of $52 million, more than double of the $25 million from the previous year, according to data compiled by Forbes. The Puerto Rican star took the throne from the New Yorker, Lady Gaga, which this year falls to fifth place. Lady Gaga’s revenues were $52 million and her influence on social networks is still tremendous.

The American television diva, Oprah Winfrey, is clinging to second place in the ranking even though her earnings plummeted 43% to 125 million dollars a year. The 18-year-old teen idol, Justin Bieber, hangs a bronze medal, thanks to his 21 million followers on Twitter. Bieber has sold 12 million albums sold so far, that have made the ​​Canadian teen win $55 million. The fourth place goes to Rihanna, who has 53 million followers on Facebook. Rihanna also earned $53 million until last May.