The T.V. is Khloe’s Therapy

The TV star said that seeing pictures of her and her family on television is “therapeutic.”

“It’s therapeutic. When I see them, I think: ‘How well I can tell my mother?’ or ‘I want to change this.’ I can identify with everything and is real. As corny as it sounds, the program has made us better,” she told Hello!

Khloe admits that her husband had a very difficult time to adjust to being always on camera, but now enjoys their documented love story together.
“It was difficult at first. But now, he loves it,” Khloe said.
The couple recently moved to Dallas after the basketball star wastransferred from Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas Mavericks. But admits that chaos has taken over their lives because they have always been very close to their fans. Now being less photographed, harassment of her followers has been increasing.