Woman Demands Billion from Michael Jackson


Nearly three years after the death of Michael Jackson, Kimberly Griggs, who says he was the artist’s girlfriend in 1979, sued the company of “The King of Pop” by $1 billion in damages, arguing that the songs composed were based on her life.

According to the electronic portal, TMZ, Griggs claims that during the relationship she had with Jackson, she was referred to his songs on albums like “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, “Bad,” “Dangerous” and the final compilation of his greatest hits, “Number Ones”.

Griggs, who has spent years in jail accused of theft and burglary, revealed that she was angry when she discovered that Jackson had told their secrets. He also mentioned that she had an agreement with him in which he promised to cede rights to some songs. But when the “King of Pop” died, she said she was shocked to see that no part of his will went to her. This was why she filed for a multimillion-dollar lawsuit a few days ago.

It should be noted that the latest complaints are in addition to a long list of complaints as mentioned, from a supposed secret son, which also requires part of the inheritance, to a bodyguard who claims to be the father of one of the heirs of Michael Jackson.