Madonna Offers Second Concert in Colombia


“Queen of Pop”, Madonna, offered to give a second concert in Colombia in November, before the demand for tickets for a first concert in Medellin, said the Mayor Anibal Gaviria.

The mayor said to reporters, when asked by thousands of people who wanted to see the artist, that it was possible to schedule a second concert in Medellin for the 29th of November, a day after the first show. Gaviria said the city, the second largest in Colombia after Bogota, has the capacity and will therefore, experience to receive the hundreds of tourists who will attend the two shows.

Ocesa Colombia, organizer of the concert , said Wednesday that for the second show of Madonna in Medellin, they will make pre-sale locations from next Saturday and on the Internet. According to the promoters of the tour, the two presentations will stage an assembly including 22 dancers, who will wear 700 pieces of clothing during the evening.

The organizers anticipate that they will be able to sell all the 47,000 tickets.

Will Smith Slaps Reporter

Will Smith slapped a television reporter who allegedly tried to kiss him on the mouth when Smith walked the red carpet before the premiere of “Men in Black III” in Moscow.

Vitalii Sediuk, a journalist from a Ukrainian television, also took the headlines in September at the Venice Film Festival, when he handed a bouquet of purple hydrangeas to Madonna, who hates the flowers and was stunned. In addition, the reporter called the pop star “my princess”. The sample of Smith’s displeasure was even greater to the reporter who approached him on the red carpet and tried to kiss him.

“Come on, man! What is your f*cking problem?” Smith said while pushing Serdiuk away, before launching a slap that reached the journalist’s face slightly. “This idiot is lucky that has not been punched,” Smith said before a group of journalists and fans stunned. “Oh, I think I said that in front of the camera. All right.”

The actor said Serdiuk kissed him on the mouth. However, it was unclear if the reporter did it intentionally or if he tried to kiss on the cheek when Smith turned his head to try to avoid it.

Madonna Poses for “Truth or Dare” Perfume Campaign

Madonna posed for the campaign of her new fragrance, “Truth or dare”, which she wears black lingerie and fishnet stockings, that make her look sensual in 53 years of age.

A few weeks ago, the singer and businesswoman, who also has her own clothing line called, “Material Girl”. For greater impact, the singer made ​​a TV commercial with shocking images, where you can see her in garters, fishnet stockings, corset and black masks, accompanied by jewelry.

Recently, The Huffington Post reported that this year, the singer’s income will reach $500 million. Approximately, $60 million is expected from sales of her new “Truth or dare” perfume; $10 million of a trade agreement signed with “Smirnoff” for a limited edition bottle of Vodka; $300 million for her MDNA world tour; and $ 5 million from her clothing line.

Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard’s Confessions

Matt Fiddes, bodyguard of the late Michael Jackson, revealed some confessions that made ​​the singer, including Jackson naming his pet snake, Madonna.

Fides also revealed that Jackson had erotic dreams with Pamela Anderson. He also said that Jackson stuck needles into a voodoo doll to hurt Steven Spielberg. 

Statements made ​​to guard the British newspaper, “The Sun”, also includes the time when Jackson was under the influence of drugs, and was in a state of paranoia. With this, Michael Jackson even ordered a member of his bodyguards to shoot his brother, Randy. 

In this regard, Fiddes said, “Things got complicated when Randy tried to break through the guards to talk to Michael in one of his rented houses. Michael ordered him to shoot. He was under the influence of drugs. Luckily, nothing happened to Randy.” 

It was also said that Madonna did not like “The King of Pop”, so, the latter decided to call his pet snake, Madonna.

At the end of his life, Michael Jackson was psychologically terrible about what he had done with his skin. The most horrible thing he told me was what he had done to whiten his genitals.” 

Madonna Returns to Mexico

The “Queen of Pop” will return to Mexico for a concert on November 24 at the Foro Sol. This will be part of her “MDNA” album tour.

Madonna announced via her website that this is part in promoting her new album. The singer will also visit Colombia, Chile and Brazil. The “MDNA” tour will begin on May 29 in Tel Aviv, Israel. “The Queen of Pop” is set to arrive at Foro Sol in Mexico City on November 24. She will then head to Colombia in November 28. She will be performing in Chile on December 19. 

While in Brazil, Madonna will have her concert in Rio de Janeiro on December 1; Sao Paulo, the 4th; and Porto Alegre on December 9. 

Ticket sales will start on April 25. For the third time, “The Queen of Pop” will visit Latin America, as part of her “tours”. Now, the U.S. star returns this time as part of the promotional tour for her latest album that has good reviews because of its dance songs.

Madonna Wants to Kiss Britney Again

It’s been nine years since Madonna kissed Britney. Now the Queen of Pop wants to repeat the kiss, will Spears agree?

Blonde Ambition, which starred a controversial kiss with the singer, had an intense conversation with her fans through Twitter and revealed some of their most intimate desires, such as recreating the famous scene of homoerotic MTV Awards 2003.

“@ Britneyspears Please upload the stage and kiss me again. I miss you!” joked the star, as one of her fans made him the peculiar question.

To answer Madonna, Britney entered the forum to respond to allusions.

“@ MadonnaMDNAday is tempting.” said the artist, who brought Madonna’s insistence on the matter.

“Are you going to make me work hard for it,” asked the star again.

Madonna also spoke to other artists such as Katy Perry, who was asked to attend a concert of her new tour, and be placed at the front row.

Madonna Defends Homosexuals in Russia

Madonna returns to the adventures by generating controversy. But this time, everything happened in Russia. The “Queen of Pop” has been in the middle of a battle for the rights of homosexuals in Russia. The authorities of St. Petersburg threatened the singer of Girl Gone Wild if she defends homosexuals during the concert on the month of August.

“If Madonna or any of the organizers break the law, they shall be punished. The singer can receive a fine of up to 5 billion rubles (170 dollars)”, said a Russian official member, according to the Interfax Agency.  This “threat” is due to the region that has just passed a law banning homosexual propaganda. Madonna must be laughing of the amount that should be paid in contempt.

But the controversy did not end there. They also want Madonna to cancel the concert in protest. Obviously, Madonna could not stay quiet. On her Facebook page, she wrote that she will speak for the gay community to show them her support and give strength and inspiration to anyone who feels oppressed.


Ashton Kutcher’s New Girlfriend?

Demi Moore’s ex-beau, Ashton Kutcher, was recently photographed with Lorene Scafaria at the door of a popular entertainment venue in Los Angeles.

Although the actor says his relationship with the writer is purely platonic, both came to the party together after Madonna’s hosted the Oscars. The two were reportedly seen together to other social events, that showed a “caring attitude” toward each other. This was reported by .

“You could tell a great complicity between them. They would hold hands and caress each other when they thought nobody saw”, said a witness who told the U.S. Weekly magazine.

Meanwhile, Demi recently returned from a vacation in the Caribbean after her stint in the rehab, where she received treatment for addiction and an eating disorder. The actress was spotted shortly before boarding the private plane looking tanned and healthy.