Nicole Kidman at the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival nerver fails to give us many surprises in terms of the stars’ looks. An example of this is Nicole Kidman who turned heads and caught the cameras’ lenses on the red carpet.

Kidman stunned the audience of the with a ’30s-inspired outfit signed by Ralph Lauren. During the press conference, she wore a piece by Christian Dior from the Couture Spring 2012 collection. To finish the look, Kidman slipped on a pair of open toed Manolo Blahnik, and soft wavey hair.




Finsk’s Summer 2012 Shoe Collection

Julia Lundsten, shoe designer and founder of the Finsk brand in 2004, comes from a family of creative thinkers. It definitely shows in the drawings in the immediate and out-of-the-ordinary patterns she creates. Recently, this Finnish designer based in London, is enjoying success after another. Her shoes this season have already appeared in editorials for Vogue, Elle, Glamour Magazine and Six.

With this, one of the masters of shoe fashion, Manolo Blahnik, has said of her:

“I am fascinated by her work. Nobody is doing anything like this at this time. It is delicious, divine, perfect.”

The wedges and heels of  Finsk shoes reflect the passion of Julia Lundsten for architecture and design. Workers in the field call it the “Eames of footwear.” The vision of Julia is resounding, strong and unique, special and extravagant.

Furniture Shoes


“I am very happy that this period of furniture shoes, these platforms are coming to an ugly end”, said Manolo Blahnik in the documentary God Save My Shoes (2011). It’s known that the designer who is always prized for the elegance of classical models, is very elaborate in cursing any format, with details exaggerated and proposed that the concept of simply extrapolassem shoes. What many call statement shoes, Manolo prefers to ignore. However, it seems that the end of such furniture shoes is still far away. Check out some models, say, produced, which were seen on the catwalks of international fashion weeks in the summer season 2012.