Male Must Haves

Men, listen up. Spring is around the corner and it’s time to break out the warmer-weather wardrobe. When you do, make sure you have the following items in your arsenal:

1. The distinct sport jacket:

Sports jackets are wearable in almost any situation. Dress it down with jeans, dress it up with slacks. Don’t just settle for the sport jacket though. Go with blue or brown; skip the standard black. Look for an interesting detail, such as piping.

2. The jacket that matches everything:

A light jacket that is versatile in temperature and an earth tone, such as a warm grey, tan, or khaki.

3. The slip-on Sperry:

Sperry’s aren’t out of style! The slip-on boat show radiates ideas of summer, relaxation, and carefree attitudes. Worn with or without socks, with pants or shorts, they make a great “out-the-door” shoe.

4. The soft sweater:

A well fitting sweater will accentuate broad shoulders and a strong chest. A stripe across the chest may help, if you aren’t blessed with those assets already. Also, the soft texture will encourage your lady to snuggle up close.

5. The Suit:

Double breasted or three-piece, the suit is back (and by that we mean “always”) in style. Dr. Who and Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother are bringing back a style that we ladies think shouldn’t have left to begin with!

Patterns on Patterns

I find myself drawn to florals, flannels, paisley, and polka dots. I can’t help but be drawn to these classic patterns, as well as the less traditional ones, or the surprising pairings of two of these patterns together. I am especially tickled when I see men pairing these patterns and colors well. Why can’t they all dress like that? When it comes to dressing your man (or dressing yourself, male readers), don’t be afraid to go bold. It’s eye catching and effective. You’ll exude confidence and people will notice. Putting a little more into your wardrobe will pay off. And as a good friend once told me (and if he told me once, he told me a thousand times), if you look good, you feel good.¬†

He’s in the picture below, but take your pic! Whatever your type, we’ve got it. Checkers, stripes, flannel, paisley, solid. Classic denim, black jeans, colored denim, and shades of khaki. Keep in mind, I pulled this photo from MY friends. This is real life fashion, not an unrealistic runway image. And don’t they look good?


Don’t dress you man, but come to a compromise. I like a guy in purple, but let him pick which purple. I like a guy in a skinny tie, but let him pick the color. You might have to help him out with the combinations but if you can show him examples of what you think looks good (in ads, or on others if he doesn’t mind), he’ll be more confident in trying something new.



Black and White

The bright and neon colors seem to be the master this spring. But, there is also a counterpart in the air. An immortal and romantic retro effect of the black and white combination.

The combination of black and white can be worn in an elegant way. This combination can be strutted in any occasion, without looking dull or boring. With the right hair and set of accessories, you’re good to go.

For women, accessories like shoes, handbags and jewelry are their best allies. But being mindful is essential, since the details are what makes the difference. The feeling must be strong and immediate, like a bolt of lightning.

“Simplicity is the ultimate perfection.” This is the mood of black & white.