Taylor Lautner to Play Leonardo

After three films in which he played a teen wolf, Taylor Lautner will take on a new acting project in the new version of The Ninja Turtles.

“Everyone is very excited to have Taylor Lautner,” said the filmmaker behind of this project, Michael Bay. “He is an artist of martial disciplines and really fit the mold of the Ninja Turtles movie on that plan.”

“Some people hate Taylor, but relax. He is a great actor. Everyone complains about him because of Twilight. But what I saw in Abduction, do you still hate him? So calm down,” added Bay.

The Ninja Turtles will be produced by Michael Bay, and will be directed by Jonathan Liebesman, who directed Clash of the Titans 2. Taylor Lautner will play “Leonardo”, the turtle’s loyal member.

Michael Bay’s “Ninja Turtles”

Producer Michael Bay believes that fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles need to calm down.

The director of 47 years also created outrage among fans of the characters when he announced at a presentation of Nickelodeon that pizza-loving turtles came from an “alien race” in the film.

Bay said in a statement posted on its website last Monday that, “fans need fresh air and relax” .

The “Ninja Turtles” made their debut as a comic book in 1984 before developing a range of products including toys, TV shows, movies and video games. According to the original story, a mysterious radioactive substance transformed the turtles in a quartet of superheroes who fight crime.

The new movie of “Ninja Turtles” will be released next year by Paramount Pictures under the seal of Nickelodeon Movies.