Kim Kardashian: Denied a Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Kim Kardashian made it clear that to have a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, one must first shine.

A socialite and star of several reality shows, was denied a request to join the famous boardwalk, next to the likes of Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, Mariah Carey, Shakira and other four thousand personalities.

A representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood told The Hollywood Reporter that Kardashian does not meet the requirements to be part of the luminaries who earned a place on the walk, i.e., has no merit.

It was prohibited since Kardashian has not received any award for her brilliant performance in the arts, music, television and movies. Plus, she does not even have five years in acting.



Michael Jackson and Beatles Memorabilias: Favorites at Argentina Auction


Michael Jackson’s red jacket and a table with pictures of the Beatles were the most coveted pieces of a motley auction held in Buenos Aires.

The red jacket was signed by the King of Pop. The Beatles’ pictures on the other hand, was autographed by the artists. This became the stars of the auction this week. The pieces were sold for 25,000 Argentine pesos, and 73,400 pesos respectively.

The auction of memorabilias, collectibles and several photographs, managed to sell about 70% of the lots and “met expectations”, explained Carlos Rocca, coordinator of City Bank  appraisers, the entity responsible for the organization.

Among the favorites of buyers also include a guitar signed by Eric Clapton, which quadrupled the price of output to 20,000 pesos.

Auctioned Items Belonging to Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley


Personal items of celebrities of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash, will be auctioned on July 3. The auction will include clothing, photographs, signatures, posters and musical instruments, which come from family or friends of artists, while others are “people who had lucky enough to buy many years ago, sometimes by accident”. This was said by Stephen Maycock, who was responsible for the auction to be held on July 3.

The auction is organized by Bonhams, which will also include a jacket of the late “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson, which is estimated to be worth about $19,000.

Marilyn Monroe’s dress will also be auctioned at an estimated worth of two $2,338. The auction also includes an autograph book with signatures of Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, with an estimated at a value of $4,676.

Similarly, those interested in the auction can do the same for the shirt of Kurt Cobain, in Nirvana’s last show held in Munich, Germany in 1994. The shirt is valued at $9,350 dollars. A harlequin costume and a pair of shoes of Freddie Mercury, will also be auctioned. The items are valued at a cost of $18,700 and $3,118 , respectively.

Thousands of Fans Placed Flowers on Michael Jackson’s Grave


Some 11,000 flower arrangements were placed by fans near the tomb of Michael Jackson, to mark the King of Pop’s 3rd year death anniversary. Spontaneously, the thousands of flower arrangements were deposited near the mausoleum of Jackson in Forest Lawn Memorial Park by fans and other envoys from as far away as Russia, Japan and Italy.

In the cemetery located in the city of Glendale, a suburb north of downtown Los Angeles, also were placed teddy bears, posters and cards with inscriptions to honor the King of Pop who died at the age of 50, last June 25, 2009, after suffering a cardiac arrest at his rented mansion in Holmby Hills.

The death was caused by an overdose of medicine prescribed from his personal physician, Conrad Murray, to address his insomnia and chronic pain. Conrad Murray, who was brought to trial for medical malpractice, was convicted of manslaughter and is being held in jail in Los Angeles, where he is serving a sentence of four years in prison.

Woman Demands Billion from Michael Jackson


Nearly three years after the death of Michael Jackson, Kimberly Griggs, who says he was the artist’s girlfriend in 1979, sued the company of “The King of Pop” by $1 billion in damages, arguing that the songs composed were based on her life.

According to the electronic portal, TMZ, Griggs claims that during the relationship she had with Jackson, she was referred to his songs on albums like “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, “Bad,” “Dangerous” and the final compilation of his greatest hits, “Number Ones”.

Griggs, who has spent years in jail accused of theft and burglary, revealed that she was angry when she discovered that Jackson had told their secrets. He also mentioned that she had an agreement with him in which he promised to cede rights to some songs. But when the “King of Pop” died, she said she was shocked to see that no part of his will went to her. This was why she filed for a multimillion-dollar lawsuit a few days ago.

It should be noted that the latest complaints are in addition to a long list of complaints as mentioned, from a supposed secret son, which also requires part of the inheritance, to a bodyguard who claims to be the father of one of the heirs of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard’s Confessions

Matt Fiddes, bodyguard of the late Michael Jackson, revealed some confessions that made ​​the singer, including Jackson naming his pet snake, Madonna.

Fides also revealed that Jackson had erotic dreams with Pamela Anderson. He also said that Jackson stuck needles into a voodoo doll to hurt Steven Spielberg. 

Statements made ​​to guard the British newspaper, “The Sun”, also includes the time when Jackson was under the influence of drugs, and was in a state of paranoia. With this, Michael Jackson even ordered a member of his bodyguards to shoot his brother, Randy. 

In this regard, Fiddes said, “Things got complicated when Randy tried to break through the guards to talk to Michael in one of his rented houses. Michael ordered him to shoot. He was under the influence of drugs. Luckily, nothing happened to Randy.” 

It was also said that Madonna did not like “The King of Pop”, so, the latter decided to call his pet snake, Madonna.

At the end of his life, Michael Jackson was psychologically terrible about what he had done with his skin. The most horrible thing he told me was what he had done to whiten his genitals.” 

Pepsi and Twitter Broadcast Concerts Online

PepsiCo Inc. said Monday that they will partner with Twitter, to broadcast a live video of an online concert for Pepsi’s followers in the social network site.

The agreement is part of the new global advertising campaign which also includes a Pepsi TV commercial with singer, Nicki Minaj. The company, based in Purchase, New York, has not reported the musicians who will be presented in the Twitter concerts this summer. Pepsi also did not disclose the terms of the agreement with Twitter.

Pepsi seeks to revive the cola wars with Coca-Cola and go up to an additional $600 million on advertising this year.

Pepsi is not the only one to use music to reach the youth market. Earlier in April, Coca-Cola announced a partnership with online music provider Spotify, and companies will disclose the details of their campaign later this year. Coke and Pepsi have a long history of using music to connect with young consumers. For years, Pepsi has presented musicians including Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, MC Hammer, Britney Spears and Beyonce.