Miley Cyrus denied being engaged to Liam Hemsworth

The singer denies that she is committed to Liam Hemsworth, bearing a ring refuses to formalize the relationship.

A photo where Miley Cyrus boasted what looked like a engagement ring, sparked rumors that the singer was engaged to Liam Hemsworth, and immediately there was speculation on Twitter.

However, Cyrus used the same means to deny that she and her boyfriend plan to walk down the aisle, she stressed that “people just want to find something to talk about.”

The former star of Hanna Montana said the ring appeared in the picture that was circulated by the social network has been using it since November last year.

While Miley took several hours to deny the fact, many of his fans will be quiet after learning that the actress does not think about marriage and that so far only enjoy a loving relationship with Hemsworth.