Paris Hilton’s New Beau


After being spotted two months ago with the new Canadian imitator, Paris Hilton has a new boyfriend. Hilton’s new beau is a young Spanish model which is 10 years her junior.

According to various media, the celebrity has a relationship with River Viiperi, a model who is ranked number 35 on top 50. Viiperi is a native of Ibiza, where the parents of this young man soon realized his potential and began to project.

He has also starred in magazine covers as “GQ Style”, modeled for Calvin Klein and participated in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and American Eagle, among other reputable firms.

The two met during the Marlon Gobel parade, which was held as part of the fashion week in New York. Since then, the couple has never been separated and have been raised several times in the “backstage” of some parades , as stated by the website

A few weeks ago, Paris Hilton filmed a promotional video with korean Kim Jang Hoon During filming, the actress walked the beaches of Malibu wearing high heels and a white bathing suit under a summer dress. The video can be viewed in 3D.



Suri Cruise Will Receive Classes in a Catholic School in New York


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri, will be in a Catholic school in the city of New York, which was also attended by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton.

According to the “Los Angeles Times”, the pair met to decide when Suri will begin the course on September 6 in the school of “Sacred Heart” in the smallest degree.

The curriculum of the “Sacred Heart”, with tuition that costs more than $35,000 a year, is extremely strict. It also requires compulsory attendance at church on Thursday.

Also, other celebrities like Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Caroline Kennedy also attended the center, which calls itself on its website as “the most independent school for girls in Old New York”.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise agreed to be committed to working together as parents to achieve the best for Suri. “We will support each other in our role as parents,” the actors said in a statement.




Paris Hilton Wants Her Own Hotel Chain


Paris Hilton said she wants to open a new hotel chain, in order to follow the footsteps of her famous great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton.

According to statements made ​​to various media, Paris also said she wants to create her very own chain of hotels. “My idea is to continue building a brand and I need to move on. I want to enter the real estate and managing the family estate in this regard.”

Paris also mentioned that she has different ideas like opening restaurants and clubs to diversify its business lines. So, the time has come in contact with people from Brazil to expand its market in that country.

“This year, I’ll open a club in the Philippines and more than likely to produce several TV shows. I am also working on my line of makeup and my design line of handbags. My life is a non-stop creating new things,”said the actress.


Paris Hilton Stars in Fight With Paparazzi


Paris Hilton starred in a fight with a paparazzi who is contemplating to sue the socialite, because he received several blows. After the incident, the photographer, Billy Barrera said, “I don’t wanna get into this, but the truth is, I feel very sore.”

The victim has already contacted his lawyer to launch a legal battle against the actress. Hilton was photographed hitting Barrera in a Hollywood parking lot, after being held in a nightclub with his friend, Brandon Davis.

According to the TMZ website, one of Hilton’s companions tried to Barrera’s camera away by force. But, when the photographer struggled with him, Paris intervened to strike, which resulted him to falling to the ground, exposing his underwear.

Those responsible for the place tried to persuade the photographer to keep the scandal to become public and even came to offer a good amount of money, which was rejected by Barrera.