Obama Praises Friendship with George Clooney


President Barack Obama said that actor, George Clooney, is a good friend and a good person who cares about a caring friendship.

Clooney said Obama is not an individual applicant and he does not take advantage of their friendship. Obama also added that Clooney kept his distance so that he will not be criticized for socializing with Hollywood celebrities.

“He is also nice,” said first lady, Michelle Obama.

In May, Clooney held fundraiser funds to campaign for Obama in his home in Los Angeles, which raised nearly $15 million. Clooney is set to hold another fundraiser in Geneva later this month.

Obama told Entertainment Tonight for an interview that will air on Monday that he Clooney met through his work in Sudan when Obama was a senator.



Andy Griffith, Dies at 86


Actor Andy Griffith, who is remembered in America by programs like “The Andy Griffith Show,” died today at age 86, in North Carolina. Griffith was well-known for his profession as an actor, as well as a producer, director, writer and gospel singer. The actor died at his home in the small island of Roanoke.

U.S. President Barack Obama said in a statement today regarding the death of the North Carolina player, calling him “an artist of extraordinary talent” that has marked the footsteps of generations of performers.

In 2005, the actor received the George W. Bush Presidential Medal of Freedom for being one of the best known performers and most beloved in the country. Film director and actor Ron Howard, who played the son of the legendary “sheriff of Mayberry”, said today on Twitter that Griffith pursued excellence and marked several generations.

Sarah Jessica Parker Joins Obama Campaign

Barack Obama will participate in a meeting in June to raise money in Sarah Jessica Parker’s home, in New York. Last week after attending a dinner with George Clooney, the Democratic campaign team said they were able to raise a huge amount. Such events are usually an opportunity for donors to sign checks to finance the campaign, like what happened on May 10 with George Clooney.

For a suggested contribution of at least five dollars, it will be possible to compete for a seat in the house of the actress. Sarah Jessica Parker, heroine of the cult series that takes place in New York, “Sex and the City”, had worked in 2008 for the election of Obama. In a message on her website, Parker says: “For me, this election is even more important than that of 2008. As a woman, mother and businesswoman, I need to believe that our country can be a place where everyone has the ability to move forward,” she said.

Obama raised in April, 43.6 million dollars for his campaign, against 40.1 million by his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney .

Eva Longoria Looking to Make a Change in Elections

Eva Longoria is moving out of Wisteria Lane to Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. The 37-year-old actress was dismissed from her role as the sexy Gabrielle Solis on “Desperate Housewives”, when the ABC drama comes to an end after eight seasons.

She is currently working with the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama. Skip the sordid affairs of “Housewives” to the affairs of state was not an easy transition to Longoria, who said it is not always taken seriously in politics.

“People say, who cares about your opinion? You’re just beautiful. But can you not have an intellectual argument about immigration or overhaul health just by being nice? “Eva said in a recent interview. Longoria has also adopted new roles behind the scenes. She is currently preparing a reality show about dating called “All About Love” for NBC. She is co-producing the ABC soap opera style series “Devious Maids” as well about the scandalous lives of the servants.

“For any minority community, is a woman, Latino or black, there are papers limited in Hollywood because we need more people behind the camera,” said Longoria. “So if we reflect ourselves more women on TV or the movies, we have to produce the stories, the stories we have run, we need to get behind the scenes to actually happen.”

Longoria, who is currently studying her masters, studies at the University of California at Northridge. She also said that her greatest achievement will make a difference in the November election. “I’m getting my civic engagement to mobilize voters and make sure they are informed about the issues and acting under the belief that if one wants to change something in this country has the power to do as a citizen. These are perhaps the things I’m most proud.”

George Clooney Freed After Being Arrested by Sudanese Embassy Protest

WASHINGTON – Actor George Clooney who was arrested during a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, was released hours later, according to CNN.

Despite having received several warnings from the police, Clooney was arrested along with other activists on charges of civil disobedience.

The actor and director met with lawmakers a few days ago the U.S. Congress to report the problem situation that exists in South Sudan, where he traveled recently to make a video that can create awareness in the international community about the conditions life and the violence that exists in the border of this African country.

Clooney, who blames the Sudanese government for the attacks that have claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, was among those invited to the White House dinner in honor of the Prime Minister of England, David Cameron.

According to some sources, Syriana actor said that during the meeting asked President Barack Obama to convince the government of China to join international pressure against the government of Sudan to allow aid entry population, an area in addition to violence, presents problems of famine.

And is that China is a country that imports oil from Southern Sudan, the same that has been affected by the constant struggle with its neighbor, Sudan.