Lane Garrison: Arrested

“Prison Break” actor,┬áLane Garrison, has been arrested on charges of domestic violence and violation of his probation, police authorities reported today.

The event took place last Saturday, as police were called to 300 North Palm Drive, in response to a domestic violence case. The actor had left the site when the police was called. Garrison returned then on Sunday and was arrested and taken to county jail in Beverly Hills.

This is Garrison’s second arrest after almost three years ago, when he was released from prison after spending four months in service. That ruling stemmed from an accident that claimed a teenager’s life after reckless driving.

Amaury Nolasco, Eva’s New Love?

Within weeks of completing herromance with Eduardo Cruz, actress Eva Longoria was spotted with Amaury Nolasco, star of the series “Prison Break” at a restaurant in Beverly Hills where they seem to be intimate.

The suspicions of the affair between ” Desperate Housewife” and the Puerto Rican actor became stronger when the stars were spotted having dinner and lovingly providing a steakhouse. Afterwhich, the couple decided to move to a bar where photographers were denied. Will Longoria and Nolasco decline to disclose their tokens of love?

Although no confirmed romance between Eva and Amaury there is a strong friendship, it is not the first time this pair is captured by the media. However, it seems that celebrities want to take their relationship to the background.