It’s Over for Perry and Mayer


The romance between Katy Perry and John Mayer came to an end, so say several sources close to the couple.

“At first, she avoided falling surrendered to his feet, but John did his charm on the table and kept Katy assured that he had changed and had become a faithful and loyal man,” said another source to “Radar Online”.

“She’s sad about it and thinks that John was not serious,” said a source to “U.S. Weekly”.

Another source told “People” magazine that, “They are over as friends. People expected to see him as something more serious than he actually was.”

The new Katy Perry breakup comes after her recent divorce from comedian, Russell Brand.



“Marriage to Katy Perry was a true martyrdom” – Brand



After signing the divorce, actor and comedian Russell Brand, called the year of marriage to Perry as a true martyrdom.

After days in the public announcement of the divorce, Brand was in Los Angeles in the recording of “BRANDX”.

Katy Perry ended a brief marriage last December, and later made the divorce public just days ago. After the divorce petition filed by Russell Brand in February, the process ended and both stars were officially divorced.

Among the clauses that were provided is that either receive money from the other, but Russell is already ahead of this, by announcing at the outset that he did not want a penny of Katy Perry’s fortune.



Katy Perry Wears a Bullfighter Clothing


Katy Perry showed her stylish side on the cover of a male magazine, that will be available for the July-August issue.

Perry was photographed by Francesco Carrozzini, who has taken pictures of celebrities like as Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, Sting, Scarlett Johansson, Claudia Schiffer, Milla Jovovich, Keith Richards and Marilyn Manson.

Dressed in a clothing from Dolce and Gabbana, Perry appears to be a matador on the cover of one of the most important publications devoted to the male: L’Uomo.

“My sense of style is like those rings that change color with mood, always evolving,” Perry explained to the magazine.

A few days ago, the singer made ​​some statements about whether she still believes in love, despite her breakup with Russell Brand. “I still believe in love and marriage. I just have learned lessons along the way. I do not regret anything.”

Katy Perry Still Believes in Love and Marriage


The marriage between Russell Brand and Katy Perry lasted for14 months. However, the singer says she still believes in love.

According to the website of the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, the Perry said she learned much of her relationship with the British comedian.

“I still believe in love and marriage. I just have learned lessons along the way. I do not regret anything.” Perry also mentioned that it was difficult to continue her tour while facing separation, but she realized that her problems were not those of her audience.

For now, the singer is currently promoting her film, “Katty Perry: Part of Me 3D” and hopes her fans can understand her better. Although she did not like to show much about her relationship with Brand, she said that this part in her life could not be missed in the documentary, because people might think she’s trying to hide something.

In one scene, you see Katy crying hysterically backstage before a show shortly after Russell gave him a choice between him and his career.

Katy Perry Gives Marital Home

The British actor, who filed for divorce from Katy Perry in December after fourteen months of marriage, has pledged to hand over the ownership of the 6.5 million dollar home they acquired while they were together and happily married. According to the writings, Katy has granted all rights to her plush mansion in Los Angeles. “It’s all part of the agreement have come and Katy Russell on their properties,” said a close source. The ex-partner did not sign a prenuptial agreement before their wedding in India, so that Russell could have legal access to half the fortune of the star, worth $ 44 million.

However, Russell said he does not want anything from his former wife and is keen to get divorce is as amicable as possible.

Despite their breakup, the artist, who is currently dating Nikolett Barabas, insists he bears no negative feeling towards the singer. “I’m fine. I do not have to drag all the bad from the beginning. I have nothing to forget and I do not hold on to anything negative. It’s like a vacuum. You can not let go of something you do not have, you see no sense and much of what is said in the world is absurd. I no longer I do that,” he said.