More Style Ideas for Long Hair



Choose Bold Accessories

Decorate long locks with an eye-catching headband. The multiband gold version Nicole Richie is wearing here is from her House of Harlow 1960 collection.












Bump Up the Back

Always a trendsetter, Sienna Miller works a creative half-updo. Part your hair down the middle and leave the front section loose and wavy. Tease the hair at your crown, then make a ponytail at the nape of your neck.











Add Major Shine

For hair that gleams like Emily Blunt’s, apply a light shine serum before and after blow-drying. Use a spray version if you have fine hair and be sure to keep the stuff away from your roots.











Fake a Faux Bob

Selena Gomez’s style is easier than it looks: Simply pull sections of your strands up into itself and pin it with bobby pins underneath your hair. This creates that I-may-or-may-not-have-cut-my-hair effect.











Go for a Ponytail

You can’t go wrong with a sleek ponytail, like Malin Akerman’s. To make it casual-looking, part your hair and then tightly pull it back, using a boar bristle brush to knock out any bumps for a smooth finish. Spray it with hairspray once you’re done polishing up your ‘do to keep flyaways at bay.


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Enjoyed a Holiday in Japan



Selena Gomez posted a picture on Facebook, where she appears grinning next to Justin Bieber in Japan. The photo made it clear that the teenage couple is happier than ever.

According to sources, the couple chose Japan to spend a few days off. And while both artists travel around the world with their successful musical careers, they do not want to miss the opportunity to visit Eastern countries.

“Hello Japan! I love you!” was the text accompanying the photo posted by Selena.

In addition, the Canadian magazine “We Love Pop” showed a statement in which Justin reveals what really makes Selena so well that he is so happy and in love. “She (Selena) can cook very well. Even a few potatoes and cheese, she makes it wonderful,” said Bieber.




Justin Bieber Refuses to Take Pictures with Fans in Toronto


Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, refused to sign autographs and take pictures with dozens of fans who followed him, while waiting for his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, at the airport in Toronto.

Witnesses said that his girl fans felt a great disappointment to see the attitude of their idol. As for his personal safety, Bieber tried to persuade his followers to stop harassing him. But at the insistence of the girls, Bieber tried to keep them away.

“You are not being respectful. I’m here waiting for my girlfriend, right? If you are really my fans, why do you do this?” said the teen singer as he loses patience with his followers.

After reiterating, “I have to be nice with you, but you are practically in my face.” Bieber calmed down minutes later and agreed to take some snapshots with fans.

Selena Gomez: Ambassador for Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Teen star Selena Gomez,will be the new ambassador for a foundation that seeks to build broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals for children to explore the radio, television and new media. 

As with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the singer was hailed as the new ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It was no wonder why Ryan Seacrest chose the singer to be the spokesperson for his foundation. Selena is not only a driver, but she possesses a spirit of solidarity, as well as being appreciative to children. 

A few days ago, Selena was in Beverly Hills to launch her perfume line.During the event, the press could see and smell the perfume, which is of purple in color, with a gold cap and balloon prints in the form of kisses. 

“I wanted to smell something that was sophisticated and romantic. I love the fruity and fun, but I wanted something intoxicating when you hug someone,” she said. 

Selena and Demi: The popular Latinas in Hollywood

It seems that in recent years it has become fashionable to be Latino in the United States. There is a whole list of young talents who are making their way in the film, television and music through his work since childhood.

Perhaps the clearest example is one of the most famous Disney girls today, Selena Gomez , who after passing through The Wizards of Waverly Place , managed to successfully enter the world of music where she joined the successful circle.

Another example of Latino success in Hollywood is Demi Lovato, who through her involvement in Unbroken has gained fame and has even become one of America’s favorite actresses.

This list of Latino fashion was released on the internet, which also appeared Rico Rodriguez of Modern Family and Diego Boneta, of 90210.

Justin Bieber reveals his secret to being a good boyfriend

Justin Bieber considers that relationships should be based on honesty and the best way to cope with marital conflict is admitting mistakes. Justin has been dating actress Selena Gomez for almost two years and is not afraid to say “sorry” when he makes a mistake. “To be a good boyfriend, just be patient and say ‘sorry’ when you’re in trouble. You will always make mistakes with your partner, the girls are complicated,” he confessed on the E! News website. The artist has just released his new single, Boyfriend and the theme of the song suggests that he might have written for his partner. However, the singer says he has nothing to do with their current relationship, but with a more general idea that has always been present in his heart.

“No, the song comes straight from my heart and the message simply says that if you’re my girlfriend, I’ll never let go. I promise,” he said. Coming soon is the release of his new album and also announced that he will embark on a new concert tour. The couple usually gives much quality time with their relationship .

“As I finish my album and as soon as it hits the market, I’m going to my new tour, which probably will begin this summer, maybe late,” Bieber revealed in the program of Ryan Seacrest, American radio. In addition, the teen idol hopes to get some time in his busy schedule to create what would be his second fragrance. “We’re in it, will make another to be the continuation of my first perfume, Someday,'” he said.