Kim Kardashian: Denied a Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Kim Kardashian made it clear that to have a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, one must first shine.

A socialite and star of several reality shows, was denied a request to join the famous boardwalk, next to the likes of Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, Mariah Carey, Shakira and other four thousand personalities.

A representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood told The Hollywood Reporter that Kardashian does not meet the requirements to be part of the luminaries who earned a place on the walk, i.e., has no merit.

It was prohibited since Kardashian has not received any award for her brilliant performance in the arts, music, television and movies. Plus, she does not even have five years in acting.



Shakira Reaches 50 Million Followers on Facebook

Shakira rose on Friday a picture on her Facebook wall to celebrate 50 million followers. On the social network, she gave a message of appreciation to her fans. “Wow 50 million fans on FB. This is amazing! Thanks for all the love! A kiss, Shak,” wrote the Colombian singer, whose message also appears on Twitter. On Twitter on the other hand, Shakira has around 16 million followers.

To celebrate, Shakira posed with a hat, a balloon, and a sign saying “50 million”. Earlier this month, the singer came with the video, “Addicted to you”, from her latest album, which sports a black and white outfit with lines. The singer recently became one of the top winners of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, accumulating 29 awards in total, with four trophies in last month’s event.

Shakira Defends “Philanthrocapitalism”

The Colombian singer, Shakira, today urged entrepreneurs at the Business Summit to bet on “philanthrocapitalism” and invest in early education programs. The pop diva participated in the Summit Entrepreneurs at an event that occurs in the context of the Sixth Summit of the Americas, held in the Colombian Caribbean. 

“In this room, there are people with leadership, resources and intelligence. Why not take advantage of all that to pool resources?”said the singer.  She insisted that “there is mounting evidence that education is the best social investment and that investment in those years prior to kindergarten will be the best predictor of how you play that child into adulthood”.

“I want to invite all of you to be part of an early childhood movement of the Americas. Let’s design a clever strategy together to build education centers and fund programs for children aged 0 to 6, so we can all make a difference,” said the Colombian.

Top 20 Best Curves in the World

Kim Kardashian took the first slot in the list published by the ZOO magazine, where 2,000 readers have chosen the 50 Best Curves in the World. Kim Kardashian is followed by Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson on sixth place, while Beyonce curves at the 15 th position.

Colombian singer Shakira is number at the 11th slot on the list.

Surprisingly, famous curves like Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue, have been left off the main list, having occupied the 22 and 27th post respectively. The same goes for the much talked of Pippa Middleton who occupied slot 36.

“Kim’s curves are famous throughout the world. Although we were surprised not seeing Pippa Middleton among the top ten,” said Damien McSorley, editor of ZOO.




Here’s the top 20 of the 50 Best Curves in the World:

1. Kim Kardashian
2. Rihanna
3. Geena Mullins
4. Pixie Lott
5. Caitlin Wynters
6. Scarlett Johansson
7. Charlotte Herbert
8. Keyra Agustina
9. Melissa D
10. Stacey Pool
11. Shakira
12. Jessica Biel
13. Amii Grove
14. Jessica-Jane Clement
15. Beyoncé
16. Michelle Keegan
17. Paige Tyler
18. Frankie Sandford
19. Georgia Salpa
20. Sammy Braddy


Shakira attacked by a sea lion

The Colombian singer, Shakira, was offered a short stay in South Africa with friends and family. And what should’ve been a relaxing holiday, turned into a big scare. According to what was written by Shakira on social networks, “It was a trip to the Cape of Good Hope, and wanted to get closer to sea lions to take a picture.”

Going down the rocks to be as close as possible animals, Shakira has not realized the danger. A mammal suddenly jumped out of the water and tried to bite her hand. But the worst was avoided, thanks to the singer’s brother, Tony, who immediately moved her away from the animal. The singer told the incident to her fans via her Facebook account by explaining, “We both had our hands and legs scratched by the rocks while he (Tony) was trying to save us. I understand what happened. The sea lion thought that the sheen of the Blackberry, which I used in taking pictures, was some kind of fish. He probably thought I teased him with food. More scared than hurt!”