Tom and Suri Cruise, Reunited



Tom Cruise visited his daughter, Suri, after she and her ​​mom, Katie Holmes, suffered a minor traffic accident. The photo shows Suri in the arms of her father, who is known for being attached to his six-year old daughter.

This was the first official father and daughter meeting after Holmes filed suit for divorce. Reports indicate that the actor arrived in the early hours of Tuesday to New York from California.

Both actors reached a separation agreement and Cruise, who was filming a movie in Iceland when he learned of Holmes’ demand for divorce, did not take it very well. Cruise and Holmes’ marriage lasted for five years.

A source said Cruise expressed his willingness to purchase a jet of $50 million in order to travel regularly from coast to coast in the United States and coexist well with his daughter.



Tom Cruise Plans to Buy a Jet to Visit Daughter


Actor, Tom Cruise, plans to buy a jet valued at about $50 million, because he is desperate after his divorce and want to do everything possible to not be too long away from her daughter, Suri.

According to the publication, “Showbiz Spy”, the actor is desperate after his divorce and wants to make up with ex-wife, Katie Holmes, and not separate from his daughter.

In response, the actor wants to buy a plane, because the distances between his current city and New York, where the actress lives, would become much shorter. With this, he could use the time with his daughter.

“The plane would be worth $50 million without the price of insurance and fuel,” says sources in the publication mentioned. Tom Cruise is in Iceland shooting his next film, however, upon termination, the actor will travel to New York to reunite with his little Suri.



Katie Holmes is Concerned About the Future of Her Daughter


Katie Holmes is concerned about the future of her daughter, Suri, as she does not want cruise to send her to a radical organization of the Scientology church. According to one version of TMZ, one of the factors that Holmes decided to file for a divorce, as Cruise was trying to convince her to send 6-year-old Suri to an organization known as Sea Org.

In this organization, children are taught the highest levels of Scientology. Also, even children of five years are sent to live there without their parents. A version of the break between the actors indicated that they had heated discussions about the education of Suri, as Katie wanted a normal life for her daughter like other children her age.

However, according to TMZ, Cruise is a big fan of Sea Org, which has been compared to a training camp. Some former members of Scientology has been criticized for their military conditions. RadarOnline version indicates that Suri Cruise will not grow out of the beliefs of that church, so it will be one of the main points of contention in divorce proceedings.