“More Boyfriends Than T. Swift”

In response to recent outcry from a small group of fans, popular clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch has ceased sales of one of their shirts. The shirt in question read:

#more boyfriends than t.s.

The slogan was in reference to Taylor Swift (t.s.) bu also to popular media outlets such as Twitter, and now Facebook, who use hashtags as a search and organizational tool. Reportedly, a petition circulated beginning on June 18th, calling for the stores to pull the shirt from their floors. The petition was started via Change.org by Emma Worley of Pennsylvania, and was signed by die-hard Swift fans, of Swifties. The reported number was 130 (which seems extremely low to me, as the attendance list for my GYM class in high school had more names than that), but apparently that was convincing enough to the brand name, which has been under fire in recent weeks for being too exclusive.

On the petition page, those signing could leave comments. One read as follows:

“It’s just plain hurtful and insulting. Taylor’s private life should remain so. It’s unprofessional for such a huge company to insult and poke fun at a celebrity in one of their t-shirts. Besides, none of them knows exactly what goes on in Taylor’s private life. She herself said that she’s only dated two men in the past two years, which isn’t a lot. The media exaggerates Taylor’s past relationships A LOT. It’s a form of bullying, which should never be encouraged, ESPECIALLY by such a huge company. I’m disgusted and have lost all my respect for Abercrombie and Fitch.” — Anushree Jayan, Singapore


Miley Cyrus Already Has 15 Tattoos


On her Twitter account, Miley Cyrus showed her new tattoo, located on her left wrist, making a total of 15 tattoos in her entire body. According to Europa Press, Cyrus tattooed the Om symbol used in religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism to represent the sound that attracts divine energy and to beautify the skin.

Pleased at his feat, the American actress issued a picture of the new tattoo on her wrist on Twitter. In the picture, you see the hand of the singer, who sports a perfect manicure in a bright red color that does not get eclipsed. As well as on the photo, you can see the lavish engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus and Hemsworth said for days on social networks that they will get married this year.

Matthew McConaughey Will Become a Father for the Third Time


Matthew McConaughey and his wife, model and Brazilian designer, Camila Alves, with who married a month ago, are expecting their third child.

The actor shared his happiness on his Twitter account saying, “Happy Birthday America! More good news, Camila and I are expecting our third child”. He added, “May God bless you, just keep living,” were the words by the actor for the U.S. holiday.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, who were married in early June, in an intimate ceremony in Texas, USA, have two children: Levi, aged four and Vida, two and a half.

In addition, the actor said that he will temporarily leave the romantic comedies to give life to a ruthless criminal, in his recent film, “Killer Joe”.

Venezuelan Comedian Insults Ricky Martin on Twitter


Venezuelan comedian, Carlos Sicilia, rose to his Twitter account a comment directed to Ricky Martin and sexual preferences. According to the electronic version of “People”, since the singer released his appreciation and support of U.S. President Barack Obama for his statement in favor of gay marriage, Ricky Martin has come under some criticism.

“Jail Ricky Martin and his partner NOW and for all gay couples who force a child growing up in that way,” wrote Carlos Sicily in his Twitter account. The site said it did not take long for different people in social networks to react to the comments, and Ricky’s response was the most expected. Ricky wrote: “If you’re proud, I recommend you to love the solitude, the proud are always left alone for people . . . “

Angelina Jolie’s Leg has a Twitter Account!


Nobody could dare miss out on Angelina Jolie at the 84th Academy Awards. The actress wore a strapless black with a long slit that showed her right leg. When the actress took the stage to hand the Oscar for best adapted screenplay for the team of “The Descendants”, she quickly took the pose: left hand on hip like a diva, showing her right leg to everyone. The Oscar-winning screenwriters just have also imitated the posture of the actress when they received their awards. Admittedly, the heroine of “Tomb Raider” was standing in exactly the same way when she arrived on the red carpet. And all these has not escaped the Twitter users who have made ​​her right leg a star in the web, creating its own account on the microblogging site. The twitter account “@AngiesRightLeg” was already taken by 15,000 subscribers the day after the ceremony. An incredible buzz which was surely unexpected by the actress.

Joan Rivers, the presenter of the show “Fashion Police”, told the website RadarOnline that all these poses were prepared. “Angelina Jolie looked like a joke. She withdrew herself from the category of superstars because you realize now that she spends hours in front of her mirror to see how it looks.” The daughter of the presenter, who is also the producer of the show, goes even further. “It has been demystified”, Melissa Joan told the U.S. site. “She demystified and that’s unfortunate because it always seemed effortless and you wondered how someone could be so glamorous.” Angelina Jolie who just released her first film as director in “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, does it absolutely nothing like the others!