One Direction all the way, eh girls?

So, there were rumours stalking the band’s progress. One Direction is the only attractive band that you can see reaping with five sexy boys who have made it through everything. When we talk about everything, we mean that they have topped the Jonas Brothers as well in their songs, their hart-shattering voices and their killer looks.

As you must know, Zayn Malik has now gotten engaged to a counterpart of Little Mix. As many female teenagers of the world now see Zayn Malik holding the girl of the afore-mentioned band, it seems that their hearts have been broken down to a million pieces as Zayn is a rip of a hunk.


However, we are not here to do a profile on Zayn Malik. Instead, we are here to disclose the results that the band’s latest documentary-film achieved in North America. The documentary rated as the highest in the cinemas mainly due to their fame as everybody who is a nobody is interested in getting the tiniest  peeps on these reps.

The movie titled as One Direction, This is Us surpassed the North American box office for 17 million dollars on the first weekend of its debut. It has bene directed by the world-famous specialist in documentary making, Morgan Spurlock.

Morgan Spurlock has described these kids to be quite lively. However, the audience (not girls) has estimated that the band could go down in a year or two Zayn Malik has been rumoured to leave the band after its sudden engagement. However, rumours have no business in Hollywood. Only gossips should be curtailed to here.