The New “Wolverine” Film Will be Filmed in Australia

After the sixth “X-Men” franchise, “X-Men Origins:  Wolverine,” Century Fox along with actor, Hugh Jackman, said today that they will be filming the next “Wolverine” movie in Australia.

The new film was supposed to be filmed last year in Japan. However, the producer suspended his plan due to the tsunami disaster, as well as the crisis in the Fukushima nuclear power in March.

Jackman, born in city of Sydney, said in a statement that the new movie will be a phenomenal work with the same production team that participated in the filming of “X-Men Origins”. The movie was one of the biggest blockbusters films of Century Fox.

“Deb and I may well spend some time with the family on our return to Australia,” the actor said in the note handed to the press.

According Century Fox and the executive of New South Wales, the filming will begin later this year. The first installment of Wolverine was filmed in Sydney, Cockatoo Island, and in various areas of New Zealand. Century Fox also plans to display the new film in June 2013.

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