Thick Cardigan With Tribal Print, Must-have This Winter

If you’re that sort of person who stays in until the last minute to get inspiration on how to dress (mainly because you have no idea what dress to wear, again, this winter), celebrities inspire you to choose a thick cardigan with tribal print. It’s very trendy!

Cardigan with tribal print

It’s not a poncho, a jacket nor a sweater, it’s a longer and thicker cardigan that looks fabulous! And if still in print tribal trends clearly align you to Hollywood looks.

Katherine Heigl wearing a beautiful cardigan in tones of yellow mustard, grey, blue and white that the blue ink combined with jeans and boots. All the same style counted and Kristin Cavallari, only that she chose burgundy.

Nicky Hilton has matched the blue Balenciaga bag with a lovely cardigan, with tribal print it in shades of gray rat, very green and cobalt blue. Botinele with lace tights and great outfit complete.

Hilary Duff is pregnant and maxi sweater and thick belly mask and transforms them into a stylish future mom.

A cardigan with tribal print can be kept for a mantra and hippie clothing. Nicole Richie shows us how!

Kim Kardashian is sexy in black and white, and the tribal poncho is evidenced by all black clothes from Maletic to boots, jeans and Hermes handbag.

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