Top 4 Scents that Turn Men Off


Men love sweet smelling women. However, there are some fragrances that make men go away, instead of alluring them. We have prepared a the list of the 4 fragrances that turn men off to make sure you choose the most flattering and alluring perfumes at the local beauty store.

1.) Honeydew

Yes, this is one of the sweetest aromas used in perfumes. But, it seems that guys just can’t get used to candy scents which get stuck in your nose for a long time. Attract more men by sporting fragrances which can be easily identified by the brain and you’ll surely have an amazing success among guys who have a refined taste for sweet sensory delights.


2.) Citrus Fruits

Do you think that fresh citrus aromas make a smashing impression on guys? If you think so, then you’re wrong! According to studies, men find these aromas boring and too girly. If you want to cast a magic spell on your target, skip the use of perfumes which include sweet grapefruit, lemon, orange, or kiwi scents.


3.) Rose

Numerous researches proved that the scent of a rose is considered to be one of the guys’ no-no. Floral scents might seem refreshing and romantic, but the majority of men considers them too classy and plain. If you still want to stick to floral scents, try freesia and orchid scents.


4.) Chocolate

Chocolate aromas are considered unpleasant by guys in general. According to recent studies, the scents which imitate the smell of delicious desserts are considered a bit too much.


Sweet perfumes should be selected with great care. Therefore, look for perfumes that are not too strong, and men will simply find you mesmerizing.


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