Top Gifts for Your Teenage Girl

In the olden times, 21 used to be the age when one was considered to be an adult and old enough to have her own key to the front door of her parent’s house.

To keep the tradition going even though the legal age has been revised, a “key to the door” is often gifted to the person celebrating his/her 21st birthday.

But then what all could be ideal 21st birthday presents?

So many, we would say. Times are changing and the preference of the youth too has changed a lot. But a gift is a gift, and presenting a 21 year old on her birthday with a key and love is the most important aspect here.

Well, you could always make personalized gifts, as they would be closer to the heart and make it go fonder.

Making a collage using all the old and new photos and giving it a good frame would make a really cool gift.

To be in good spirits on a wonderful day, a bottle of single malt or wine depending on the likes and dislikes of the person celebrating the birthday.

A twenty one year old girl would definitely love to be in vogue. So how about a fashionista statement for her? Think of something that would make her feel she is grown up and ready to mingle. Trust us, a nice cocktail dress would take her to cloud nine.

A designer handbag should be a favorite for years to come. A charm bracelet with charms that remind her of various happy times in her life would be very appropriate. Speaking of jewelry, simple diamond or pearl earrings are always a hit and should last for ever.

A new smartphone would be cool, especially if you provided the first year usage for free. Be careful on how she uses it. If she texts a lot, you may want to consider a sliding keyboard. If she views a lot of video or music, other smartphones suited for those purposes are desired.

Gadgets are aplenty, and you just need to choose with your wallet in mind and the durability of the devices you pick. If she is in college, a laptop or tablet might just be the best present ever. Speaking of college, buying a few college textbooks may be a great idea.

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