Trying To Improve Our Quality Of Life

What is quality of life? When asked, most people would rank having a good quality of life as high in their priorities. However, many people aren’t able to meet this. The boundaries between each role in their lives aren’t clearly defined.

We each have different roles in our lives. For example, my roles are: Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Volunteer, Professional Life, and Myself. People tend to merge their roles together, thus their view of self becomes muddled. I think this led to the’ Who am I, and What is my purpose’ questions.

Many people live reactionary lives where they find themselves always putting out fires and never living the lives of their dreams. Is that you? Make the choice to deliberately start living life on your terms by choosing to be proactive about your life choices.

Random Mind Blab About Quality Of Life

Stephen Covey, in his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, says the first habit is be proactive. I read that book in 1989 and that principle still resonates with me. Many people live lives of default. They wake up in the morning and life just happens to them. They don’t make choices. Instead they spend a great deal of time trying to emerge from things that happen to them. They invest their time and energy reacting instead of being proactive.

When at work, people are thinking about personal relationships and home stress. Therefore, they miss a quality work-life, because they’re not completely present at work.

When at home, people can get fixated on what should be done at work. This leads to a minimum quality home-life. You cannot be on your Blackberry and play with your kids at the same time.

When spending time with friends, people can be fixated on family or work, resulting in poor quality time with their friends. When you’re with your friends, you should talk about what’s going on in your life. It is important to share your joy and frustrations with the ones you trust and care about. However, when you’re talking about life, don’t let your mind wander to the statement you must turn in tomorrow, or what treat you’ll make for soccer practice. Be an active portion of the conversation.

There are times when I get together with friends and we bring our children. Yes, we do have fun, but the conversation is very different. The humor and topics are different; we’re more censored. The time spent together isn’t the same thing as when we have girl time without our children.

The same can be stated for having a date night with your partner. Yes, it is fun to go out with another couple, but the quality time between you and your mate is different. You are unable to connect in the same development when there are other people in the mix.

What is the definition for ‘quality of life ‘? My definition is being completely present in every situation. Be at work. Be with your friends. Be with your family. Be in this moment.

Material possessions are the definition of ‘quality of life ‘, for some people. A large home, designer clothes, and a luxury car will probably be essential criteria for many in the contemporary society. Often, when people believe this definition, they tend to concentrate on the next big thing, or outdoing their social group, thus the important things are ignored. This category of people worry about what others have, rather than with an emphasis on the blessings of the moment.

Often, people want something, new jewelry, new car, etc. When they purchase it, they feel great for a couple of weeks, but then the fun wears off. They are again aware of their issues and aren’t feeling happy. Material things cannot sustain a good quality of life.

Decide how you ‘d like to feel about yourself, your lives and the people around you. Sometimes we’re mightily attached to our negativity and after such a release it might feel a little awkward. That’s because nature abhors a void. The next stage is to fill that void with positive thoughts about your life and positive feelings of anticipation for a fresh start in your new year. Notice how you feel just thinking about your life in this new way.

When I listed the roles in my day, I included the role of ‘Myself’. It is important to recognize that ‘you’ are deserving of your undivided attention too. How often do you attempt to take time for yourself, but instead find yourself thinking about everyone and everything else? Pay attention to your dreams, feelings, and goals. Know what makes you happy. In order to be present in other aspects of your lives, you must first learn how to be present to yourself.

To have a high quality of life, you must live in the moment. Do not bring other relationships and worries where they do not belong. There is a time and place for everything. Get to know every role of your life and devote the time needed to each one. How you define your roles will affect your quality of life.


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