Why Did Angelina Broke Up With Billy Bob?

The marriage ended due to actors Billy little interest in starting a family, he told his first wife, Melissa Debin-Parish.

“I have no doubt that he did not want children around. Only have to look at the path that led. She decided to adopt Maddox and Billy left soon after,” he told the Journal Star .

The couple met in 1999 and married two months into their relationship. The singer decided to adopt her first child, and after three months of marriage they separated. Maddox, now 10, was later adopted by Brad Pitt when he formalized his relationship with Angelina.

In addition, Melissa does not understand why her ex-husband and the actress began dating even taking into account their very different personalities.

“I’ve always wondered what attracted them to each other. She is a physically spectacular and does not look anything like him. It is simply baffling. Maybe it was his charisma that attracted her to him, the two are very intelligent and creative,” she said.

“I heard Angelina’s family is very kind and supportive,” she added.

The relationship between Angelina and Billy is still warm today. So much so that the actress could write the memoir introduction of the latter being prepared.


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