Will Smith Slaps Reporter

Will Smith slapped a television reporter who allegedly tried to kiss him on the mouth when Smith walked the red carpet before the premiere of “Men in Black III” in Moscow.

Vitalii Sediuk, a journalist from a Ukrainian television, also took the headlines in September at the Venice Film Festival, when he handed a bouquet of purple hydrangeas to Madonna, who hates the flowers and was stunned. In addition, the reporter called the pop star “my princess”.┬áThe sample of Smith’s displeasure was even greater to the reporter who approached him on the red carpet and tried to kiss him.

“Come on, man! What is your f*cking problem?” Smith said while pushing Serdiuk away, before launching a slap that reached the journalist’s face slightly. “This idiot is lucky that has not been punched,” Smith said before a group of journalists and fans stunned. “Oh, I think I said that in front of the camera. All right.”

The actor said Serdiuk kissed him on the mouth. However, it was unclear if the reporter did it intentionally or if he tried to kiss on the cheek when Smith turned his head to try to avoid it.

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